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Tips for applying the number series

Concentration on numerical series

- One focuses on the series of numbers by looking at the numbers of a series of numbers in turn.

- it is also good to memorize the series of numbers so that you can concentrate on it at any time.

- or you write them on a piece of paper and look at them again and again.

- It is also possible to recite a series of numbers loudly, or to sing. But here again the number series, sequentially, number by number say (example: 48154211 (four, eight, one, five, four, two, one, one))

Plus, visualizations are also recommended

- illuminate and illuminate the series of numbers with silver-white light

- imagine the figures in 3D

- one can also mentally bring movement into the series of numbers in which one

pull apart and then squeeze back to a point, etc.

You can also put the numbers mentally into a sphere/sphere and press them together to a point and pull them apart again, and/or put the small sphere mentally into the body in a place where it hurts, for example

- you can write them mentally on a cloud, here you also have a concentration on distant areas of consciousness, which is always very good. Because focusing on distant areas of consciousness can produce results even faster.

Note: if you focus on distant areas of consciousness, the

Speed very quickly and as a result the healing can happen even faster.

For example, you can refer to:








- if you write them on a piece of paper and put a glass of water on this paper, because the water is a very good information carrier and takes up the number series

and by drinking water, one also takes the row of numbers with one another

on or on.

one surrounds oneself as much and as often as possible with the series of numbers,

- you can put them in the purse, jacket bag, handbag etc and always carry them with you

- and/or distributes several notes with the series of numbers in the apartment and office.

- You can also hang the numbers on the walls, the refrigerator, doors, etc.

- Many also put a sheet with the number row under the pillow and/or bed

- and/or write the series of numbers on the pillow and thus lie on the numbers all night long and make them work.

- or write the figure row on a slip of paper and on the same slip of paper plus the also positive aim formulation and this slip of paper then always on himself carry and over and over again consider and concentrate on it.

- it is also possible to write down rows of numbers with a pen on skin (e.g. on a place, or near a place which hurts)

o Note: special skin pencils are recommended e.g. the tattoo pencils of Faber-Castell body markers or food color pencils

- you can also write them on a small piece of paper and glue them, then on a plaster (either normal plaster, or the plaster rolls e.g. Sensitive by Hansaplast 5m x 2.5cm), so that the numbers point when laying on the skin.

Remark 1:

If you need more than one series of numbers, you focus one after the other on the respective series of numbers.

Remark 2:

And when you write down the numbers, you can write them down among yourself, or you write them about the place, for example, or near the place that hurts and thus write them down distributed to the body.


While one focuses on a series of numbers, one should always think of the norm, the positive desired result/positive target formulation. For example:

“Absolute standard of health”

“Norm of the spine”

“Absolute norm of soul, mind and body”

Harmonisation of events

And one should always think of the general, all-encompassing salvation of all before a concentration.

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