“Energy flows where the focus goes” — Energy depends on your attention

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aim your focus to paradies! and live it.

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^^ many appellations and terms and names that all mean the same!

Codes, Numbers, as well as words and images, always have information in the form of a vibration. You can focus your consciousness on healing by focusing on healing numbers or so-called numerical codes. I’ll show you some practical applications below.

“Understanding the teachings, every human can

Become master of his destiny. “

Through these unique technologies or methods with geometric shapes and numerical series, anyone can take control of reality and events.

Being Lord of one’s life (Inner and Outer Events), as well as restoring health by producing the natural order of cell consciousness, is possible by applying the numerical codes!

“An illness, an event or a condition is created in the consciousness, so it can be changed there again!” Learn to heal the disease, the event, and its reality on the physical and mental level — to regenerate, to normalize, to control! “

What we believe and know is the faith and knowledge of the collective-consciousness Are you a part of it or independent in thinking, believing and acting? Decide yourself and control your reality yourself! Are you ready? Check your beliefs and rules/restrictions and throw them overboard if they harm you!

Number Series Applications
There are many different ways to apply the numerical codes, I introduce a few simple ones that I have already tried out myself:

1. Write as many sheets of paper with the numbers on until your desired event destination has arrived, the more you surround yourself with the code the faster they have reached their desired goal.

2. Write in the air:

If you have picked out the matching number code, you can just keep writing it in front of you. The best way to memorize the code is to have it available at any time.

3. Waters inform:

Tbezeichnunghis is a method that can also be applied to words or characters. It works deep into the cells. Just write the selected number code on a small sheet of paper. Fill a glass or a can with water and place it on the paper. The water now absorbs the information.

There are very different information on how long the water must be informed. I prepare such a glass for example in the evening and let it inform overnight. The application can be made over several days, and it is best to focus on only one number code. Don’t do too many things in parallel! It’s about focusing and focusing your consciousness on a topic.

4. Write on the skin

This method is particularly suitable for pain or acute physical symptoms. Write the numerical code, for example with a ballpoint pen, either to the point that is painful, or at least to a point on the same body side.




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